I’m all for going green, but this is getting ridiculous

It’s inescapable, going green is what’s hot.  Except that I’ve been green for a long time.  Maybe it had something to do with growing up in the U.P. that I developed an affinity for the lush forests and pine needle strewn ground, but I have always loved the color green.

Except lately it’s developed into a problem.  I seem to have too much green in my life.

just call me professor greenbean

just call me professor greenbean

This week I scored this cute green purse for $7 & was really excited about it. But then I got home & I thought, “crap! I have waaaay too much green in my life! I actually tried to talk myself out of buying the purse today when I spied a really cute royal blue faux crocodile bag that was marked down from $40 to $30. My inner fashion conscience seemed to whisper like a an angelic Carrie Bradshaw into my ear “back away from the green Jessica, back awaaaay.” Well, my Dutch thrift won out over my attempts to deal with my green obsession, how could I pass up such a good deal for a cute green purse??!

I was at Target awhile ago with Reuben in his (green) jogger stroller carrying his (green) diaper bag wearing the coat in this picture.  The checkout girl smiled at me and said, “so you like green huh?” So embarrassing! I didn’t even realize it because though I do like fashion, I don’t coordinate my outfits with my son’s jogger stroller :).

For whatever reason after I bought the purse I wanted to see just how ridiculous I’d look with some of my green summer clothes on.  Thankfully I’ve never gone out like this unlike my friend Grace who has a passionate love for the color red.  Check the two of us out around Christmas- we’ll be one festive pair.

What are the colors that dominate your world? Guys, are you obsessed with plaid? Or for you more metro guys- pink polo shirts?  Ladies- do you have too much of a penchant for leopard print?  For those feeling especially goofy, take a picture of yourself in your equivalent of a “green get-up” & I’ll post the best one on my blog.


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