friday fluff day

What are things you’re excited about right now, however trival they might be?  Hence the name- “friday fluff day.”  Nothing big or deep, just things you’re thinking about your thankful for.

Here are my top three:



Reuben & I picked up some fruit at the farmers market this morning. We typically like to pick our own raspberries because it’s way cheaper, but these beauties just looked too luscious to resist. Last night I had a hot fudge raspberry sundae at DQ on my date with Dave- it was so good I’ve been craving more raspberries!

let the nerd fest begin!

let the nerd fest begin!

Nerd Fest! I love finding mailing envelopes on my front porch or have the brown UPS van pull up in front of my house!  Typically it’s nothing very exciting- but in this case almost every day this week one of my books for a class I’ll be taking in November on the theologial and historical perspectives of evangelism and the gospel as I continue to work on my M.A. through Wheaton graduate school.  I’ve begun the book Red Moon Rising and already it’s challenging the way I think about prayer.  I’ll probably post a review once I finish it.  There are a few more books that will be arriving in the next few weeks & I wanted to make sure I was able to thoroughly digest them as opposed to cramming them all in right before my class.

L.B.D.- do you have one you like for casual wear?

L.B.D.- do you have one you like for casual wear?

For some reason I get on “quests” to find a perfect piece of clothing. I did this in high school with overalls of all things! Hey, give me a break- grunge was in style 😉 I searched for the perfect pair, finally landing on some carhartt overalls in Ann Arbor, MI.  I wore those things like crazy with my doc marten mary janes. Thankfully my wardrobe no longer includes fashion staples like overalls, but a new quest has begun. The quest for the LBD- little black dress. I have one for formal occasions, but I have been searching in vain for a casual LBD that I can accessorize with jewelry or throw a blazer or cardigan over in the winter. Ladies, do any of you have an LBD that you like wearing for casual/business casual occasions? I’m not looking for anything clingy or revealing, just something nice with a scoop or v-neck that hits around the knee. It seems like a wardrobe staple like this shouldn’t be so difficult to find. Maybe I’m just making this quest too hard!

ground zero

ground zero

When I sat down on my porch this morning to journal, I wrote the date like I typically do at the top of the blank page. As I mentally thought through which day it was, I wrote the 9 dash 11 and was brought back to that horrible day 8 years ago.  Though this isn’t trivial or fluff, it’s still something I’m thinking about. I spent some time praying for the families of the victims of 9-11, particularly children who lost parents in the bombing.  I prayed for the families of the men who flew the planes into the trade towers and the pentagon that they would be comforted in their loss too. I prayed for our world leaders to pursue both justice and mercy so that peace would increase all over the world, specifically in the middle east. Will you join me in praying for these groups of people too?

Today, just as every day is a good reminder that we never know how many days are remaining in our lives.  We can be thankful despite the drama that may be going on in our lives and in the world. We can relish the beauty around us, pray for the horrors that many live through every day, and work to see the world become restored through justice and love.


One thought on “friday fluff day

  1. Some of the “fluff” things in life that I love are often little things like the flavored coffee creamer I savor every morning in my coffee (It’s just not the same drinking plain coffee anymore). I also still enjoy being able to enjoy a good picture book with my girls, looking at the cartoon pictures and the often funny yet sentimental stories.. I love a cat purring on my lap, my dog contorting her head as I talk to her. Watching my daughter talk with her hands. These are just some of the “fluff” things in my life that I enjoy.

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