random reubenisms

A little break from Burning Man blogs to bring you some cuteness from my son and the random stuff that he says:

i got my milk in one hand and my thomas in the other- this is how I roll, yo.

Holding up an empty toilet paper roll in the bathroom:

me: is that your telescope?
R: no- it’ my laser.
me: oooh, do you want to decorate your laser with stickers?
R: oh, no, no, no (he says in a knowing tone) the laser would burn off the stickers.

At the dinner table:

Dave: Reuben do you want to pray and thank Jesus for our food?
R: (begins singing the Thomas the Tank theme song) “they’re two, they’re four, they’re six, they’re eight, shunting trucks and hauling freight….that’s a prayer I learned in the Bible”
We cannot contain our laughter having no idea how to respond to Reuben’s Bible according to St. Thomas the Tank

The only trinity my son knows at this point in his life: Thomas, James & Percy.

While playing trains together:

R: I’m going to paint stanley pink! Spray paint comes from the orchard.

Clearly we need to bring him to farms more often to see that spray paint does not in fact grow on trees or in the ground.


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