spreading the love

Though Valentines day is typically thought of to lavish love on your love-ah, Dave and I thought it would be fun to make his weekly Monday night meeting with his InterVarsity staff team into a love fest. The Valentines made by 2100 productions, InterVarsity’s media company made the celebration even better.

Let the InterVarsity staff love fest commence!

We told people to wear red & that a prize would be given out for the best/most creative red attire.

Joyce was confused & thought the invitation said dress like a middle school principal.

Rachel won the prize for her beautiful red Indian outfit.

We passed out valentines….Thanks 2100!


Ate delicious dessert

thanks steph!

Shared the love


And passed out from having such a great time and feeling so loved.

As C.S. Lewis writes in The Four Loves, I’m thankful for all the types of love in life:

Eros- romantic love, Phileo-friendship and Agape- unconditional love from God.


3 thoughts on “spreading the love

  1. Looks like so much fun!! Great decorating job!! Hope you are feeling great and going strong. Would love to catch up soon.

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