I see him everywhere

I had been composing a blog in my mind while pruning the branches of my weeping cherry tree, a blog about white privilege  and all the cross-cutural training I’ve received through the years from Universities, scripture, the organization I work withInterVarsity Christian Fellowship or being willing to engage in difficult conversations about ethnicity with friends who look different than me. It was a blog that was going to explore the privileges I have simply because I’m white- even something simple like coming from a family of plant loving gardeners who have passed along their knowledge of dividing hostas, putting in sod and what kinds of berries are poisonous….

image from blogs.phillymag.com

image from blogs.phillymag.com


Hey friends, this is my last post on this site- to stay connected hop over to my new blog, listed above and subscribe for posts sent straight to your inbox! I will no longer be posting on this blog starting on July 26th.


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