watch me now!

What can I say- I love the camera dahling! This page is ever-evolving as I post videos from preaching gigs, training videos or vlogs as I post them. Check back for the latest, newest video project.

I’ve participated in a few video projects over the past few years, including doing short training videos on evangelism for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, the organization I work for. Check out some of the links below!

What to Say When Someone Says “No” in a spiritual conversation

How Your Story Fits into the New World Gospel Outline

When NOT to stick to a Gospel Script

I also participated in an online video devotional series called  I was massively pregnant with my second son at the time but had fun thinking of bite-size ways to encourage people in their walk with Jesus.

The other day God wanted to invite you to be a part of what he was doing, but your mind was on… Was it a matter of priorities or attention? For most it is simply attention. We are distracted people. provides a 30 second devotional video designed to help you establish a daily devotion. As well, is a Christian blog, allowing you to share your thoughts on God with people throughout the world.

Check out the 30-second video devotionals I’ve contributed to this site, the ones from other contributors or just make it easy on yourself and subscribe to a daily video devotional!  Here are two of my top posts:


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